Our Company

HELLENIC PETROLEUM WEST KERKYRA EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION OF HYDROCARBONS S.A. (HELPE WEST KERKYRA) is a 100% subsidiary of HELLENIC PETROLEUM EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION OF HYDROCARBONS HOLDING S.A. and holds 25% interest in the exploration and production rights of the offshore area Block 2, west of Corfu Island. The Lease Agreement was ratified by the Greek Parliament in 15 March 2018 (Official Government Gazette Α’ 47/15.03.2018). The partners of HELPE West Kerkyra in Block 2 are Total E&P Greece B.V. (50%, Operator) and Edison International S.p.A. (25%). The block covers an area of 2.422,1 sq. km.

The main objective of HELPE WEST KERKYRA, as a member of the Hellenic Petroleum Group, is the exploration of hydrocarbons in the concession area and their future exploitation in favor of the country and local communities with the outmost to the environment and the local commercial or social activities. Both exploration and exploitation activities of hydrocarbons are governed by a strict institutional framework to minimize the environmental footprint of operations.